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Our Great Story

Al-Anwar Company uniqueness is a proven unusual and experience in Traditional Recruitment, Executive Search, and Employment Services, which provides you access to the high caliber-Human Capital. Al-Anwar Company   was behind the evolution of many eminent organizations to reach the climax of success.

Our Headquarter is in Cairo, but our presence seems to be international, through our over world connections; USA, UK, India, Indonesia, and Philippine and not to be forgotten our deep relations with our sister Arab States; KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.

Push your Organization toward summit success won Human capital Planning!

Al-Anwar Company strategically manages the recruitment cycle to ensure that all of our candidates are professional and experts who fulfill the market requirements and needs.

We believe in Human Capital, which reflects the stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value. 

Our unusual ability to provide Traditional Recruitment, Executive Search, and Employment Services, will help your organization to outperform rivals and to stand above competitors.

Our highly qualified teamwork is devoted to provide You the access to universally recognized talents through the most challenging fields; HealthCare, Hospitality, Energy, Banking and Engineering.

Treat Body possessing Experience, credibility

and Accuracy to ensure your Global Presence

Clients who used to deal with Al-Anwar for years, believe that our entity is the proven experts in meeting ·Market needs across all areas and spectra. Eminent Firms continue to encourage our strategies to resource Human Capital to build up and International Presence.

Now you can discover that dealing with possessing Experience, Credibility and ·Accuracy will · push your organization for sailing in the future and step you up

After a long effort, we discovered that using Traditional Recruitment, Executive Search, and Recent Employment Process, allow us to save time and money. And we discovered that “High-Caliber Human Capital” and “On-Boarding” played a pivotal role in most prestigious organizations’ rapid and steady growth.

In all of our activities, our goal to catch and improve professional skills and experts and find the appropriate

job using scientific based approaches. We also encourage our staff members who take part in

sourcing and selection of our candidates to meet the requirements and needs for suitable jobs to invest their

talents and improve their scale.

Al-Anwar Company is not just a traditional employment agency, but we are considered a hybrid entity in the

recruitment world which able to combine the research aspect [discover both active and passive candidates] of recruiting and combine them with the ability to make hires for their clients.


Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting a qualified person for a job. At the strategic level it Many involve the development of an employer brand which includes an ’employee offering’.

  1. Job analysis

The starting point to a recruitment effort is to perform a job analysis and/or in some cases a task analysis, to document the actual or intended requirements of the job. From these the relevant information is captured in such ‘ documents as job descriptions and job specifications. Prior to initiating the recruitment stages a person specification should be finalized to provide the recruiters commissioned with the requirements and objectives of the project.

  • Sourcing 

Sourcing is the use of one or more strategies to attract or identify candidates to fill job vacancies. It may involve internal and/or external advertising, using appropriate media, such as local or national newspapers, specialist recruitment media, professional publications, window advertisements, job centers, or in a variety of ways via the internet.

  1. Screening and selection

Suitability for a job is typically assessed by looking for relevant skills, knowledge, aptitude, qualifications and educational or job-related experience. These can be determined via: screening resumes (also known as CV s); job applications; interviews. More proactive identification methods include psychological, aptitude, numeracy and literacy testing.

In addition to the above selection assessment criteria, we are likely to recognize the value of candidates who also have the so-called ‘soft skills’, such as interpersonal or team Al-Anwar hip and have the ability to reinforce the company brand through their behavior in front of customers and suppliers.

  1. Recruitment Approaches

Al-Anwar Company utilizes a combination of two or more of the following as part of a recruitment exercise or to deliver their overall recruitment strategy;

  • Internet Recruitment; Through recruitment websites and job search engines.
  • Advertising; It may involve internal and/or external advertising, using appropriate media, such as local or national newspapers.



Recent Term in Recruiting refers to non-traditional aggressive recruiting strategy to uncover the hided professional candidates. Al-Anwar Company utilizes this strategy to improve and frequently update its Data-Base


A process plays an important role mitigate the impact on unemployment of economic downturns.

Al-Anwar Company introduces employment service not only through providing a candidate to a client for a price; But Successfully delivers the right person in the right place.

So, we focus on a client’s needs and achieve milestones in the search for the right candidate, and offer help to overcome any obstacle may face, to maximize and potentiate their efficacy and competence.


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